Monday, August 20, 2012

San Antonio and TED Talks

I'm approaching this blog post with very little idea of what I want to talk about. Why don't we just begin with me? (as always...)

Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day. My aunt and uncle took me up to San Antonio which is about a three hour drive from their house. (Of course I put on some music and instantly fell asleep). The city itself is very beautiful, kind of like a Southern version of Boston (well, that was the only other city I could compare it too - my city experience is limited).

We went to visit the Alamo first, which was basically a few old buildings and a nature park enclosed by a big stone wall. I wasn't much into the history myself, but the park reminded me a lot of Savannah, Georgia - the big trees, the hanging branches, the fountains. We also went into the Alamo gift shop and I got my parents some authentic all-natural Texan fire-roasted salsa! After that, we took a stroll down the River Walk.

The River Walk was absolutely incredible. Basically, it's a river running through a lower section of the city surrounded by sidewalks and a million different riverside restaurants and caf├ęs, and all-in-all it's a huge tourist attraction. I have pictures. But they're on my iPod and I don't know the easiest way to get them on here and I'm too lazy to find out so....

Since the most exciting thing about going somewhere new is the food (obviously), for lunch we went to a tiny Italian bistro and I may have eaten half of a 12" pepperoni pizza and then proceeded to feel ridiculously guilty...maybe. I consoled myself by going to Haagen Dazs and getting some mango sorbet and strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Delicious.

After all of that social interaction and association with the public, my introverted self was exhausted and grumpy and not in the mood to deal with anyone so holed up in my room and watched Jamie Oliver discuss childhood nutrition on TED Talks. (For those who don't know what TED Talks are - in summary they are short discussions given by professionals/smart people about a specific topic - more info here.) I have been diving deep into the world of organic food and nutrition this past summer (a post on that is soon to come) and his talk was amazing. He demonstrated the amount of sugar that children get just in the five years while they are in elementary school - let me tell you, this was disgusting (and it didn't help that I was eating some dark chocolate English toffee from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory either...).

But listening to just twenty minutes of Jamie Oliver ranting in his *ahem* adorable English accent about childhood obesity taught me so much, and I've decided that it's going to be one of my goals to listen to as many TED Talks as possible (originally my goal was to listen to all of them...but there are over a thousand and that doesn't really sit well with my other goal of watching less television, no matter how educational they are). So yeah, let's add that to the list, shall we?

Now, after a day of some rather poor food choices yesterday, I'm back on track with Multigrain Cheerios for breakfast and a turkey, lettuce, and cheese wrap for lunch. Okay, okay, not exactly "healthy" but still - the best I can do given the circumstances.

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