Sunday, August 26, 2012

Healthy living - day one.

Remember "the plan"?

You know...the plan where I come home, eat healthy, start exercising, learn yoga, then go on to live a long and healthy life? Right. That plan.
Well, I'm home. I guess that means the plan is officially in motion! AHH! *happy dance*

I started off my day by hitting snooze. Twice. (Seriously, though - who wants to wake up at 7 AM on a Sunday after falling asleep just six hours prior? Not this girl.) My mom eventually came in to wake me up. Because I was starving, my first plan was to eat some breakfast.

I had a small bowl of healthy, organic, gluten-free, fiber and protein rich cereal that looked more like rabbit-food than people food. I topped it off with some fresh blueberries and coconut milk for extra flavor. Overall, it was pretty delicious!

Then the parents and I went out to Market Basket and Fiddleheads, which is a health-food grocery store. We stocked up on all-natural grains and granolas, and got tons of fresh fruits and veggies. Whenever we could buy something that was organic, we did. I'm proud to say that everything we put in our cart, including the turkey sausage, was 100% all-natural. I'm less proud to say that I finally found out how much eating healthy can break the bank - our total came out to $203! Ouch! At least my conscious was happy, even if my wallet wasn't.

On the way home I snacked on a granola bar made with organic peaches, whole wheat oats, and Greek yogurt. After unpacking all the groceries my muscles in my arms and hands were aching, probably as a result of the sudden humidity that I'm not used to, combined with carrying around two ridiculously heavy bags yesterday. My mom made me a protein shake to help my muscles repair with whey powder, carrots, some melon, an apple, a banana, and a nectarine.

While I was drinking that, I munched on some Xochitl all-natural tortilla chips and some salsa.

Later on we bagged and vacuum-sealed some peppers and onions that my dad picked from the farm to freeze and eat later. I was thinking stir-fry, but I guess since they're going to be frozen they'll end up in quiche or pasta sauce later.

For dinner, my dad and I made our own spaghetti with freshly ground flour, and cut out the noodles using a spaghetti press/grinder/thing that turned out perfectly sliced spaghetti noodles. Some of them stuck together in the pan, which is why they look so thick, but the taste was absolutely amazing and the whole process was simple enough for two people to do in half an hour! We made a quick sauce with diced tomatoes, onions, peppers, and some spices, and then threw in some lean turkey sausage. It was such a good dinner and really filling! I even could have gone without the turkey sausage and substituted in a side salad to make it vegetarian.

After dinner we went for a painfully slow walk with my dog, who needs to stop and sniff everything. Note to self: walking at one mile an hour, stop and go, for twenty minutes does NOT count as exercise. I'll need to start walking on my own if I plan on breaking a sweat. I swear, even the mosquitoes were moving faster than us.

For dessert we had homemade banana-applesauce muffins (which I baked this afternoon - expect a recipe coming soon!) and I tried a bit of some all-natural baklava. It was surprisingly good, although very sweet. I much preferred the muffin.

Now it's only 9 o'clock and I'm so tired I think I may just go to bed. I have a big day planned tomorrow, so I'll be needing some more sleep that I've gotten the last two nights for sure.

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